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Joan Kwuon,
internationally renowned concert violinist and Head of Violin at Cleveland Institute of Music joins faculty of Strongsville, Avon, and Fairview Schools of Music.

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Aubrey Murphy,
Concertmaster of Opera Australia, guest violinist of London Symphony and leader of Scottish Chamber Orchestra joins faculty of Strongsville, Avon, and Fairview Schools of Music.

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Nominated 2016 Best Music Instruction by readers for 3 years

Trying to decide among a few different music schools?

If you're looking for music lessons, then we invite you to discover why students, parents, and music educators from across Cleveland, Ohio choose The School of Music over any other place for music instruction (testimonials). Since 2004, thousands of students of all ages from preschool through adult have taken lessons with our award-winning teachers.

We offer lessons in piano, guitar, electric guitar, violin, voice, drums and all other popular instruments, providing the skills needed to enjoy music for a lifetime. We also work hard to accommodate the most desirable lesson time, including scheduling lessons for different children at the same time to save you hours of driving and waiting time.

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Make more progress with the right instruction

Many students make up to twice as much progress after coming to The School of Music, enabling them to have more fun and enjoy music more because they are equipped with the foundation and tools to meet their desired musical goal or challenge. Our teachers do not take a one-size-fits all approach and are very experienced at catering to the needs of new and advanced students, from preschool through adult.

A good foundation translates into a lifetime of musical enjoyment.

Providing international standards of music for all ages

Our music instruction comes from some of the most prestigious universities and conservatories of music in the world. Without this teaching, students often struggle needlessly, and our goal is to spare them of this.  At The School of Music, each student receives this teaching in a fun environment, learning at his or her own pace. Several of these techniques and "secrets" of professional performers can be taught in the first one or two years of lessons, a critical time in the life of a student.  With the right foundation, students are prepared to enjoy music for many years to come.

Choose from a variety of teachers

Having extra support from a world-class faculty can increase progress and provide additional feedback.  We have had students who have gone on to pursue careers in music, earn scholarships for college, make media appearances, but most importantly, they have discovered music's ability to stir their hearts, and have developed an appreciation for the love, creativity, beauty, and wonder that only music can inspire.

Call today or visit us and see why more families in Strongsville, North Royalton, Berea, Middleburg Heights, Brunswick, Medina, and other suburbs of Cleveland trust us for music instruction over any other music school.

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Convenient Scheduling

No need to track down your teacher or play phone tag for a scheduling question. Our office is open during the day and evening, and Saturday to help you immediately with any administrative questions you may have, which can also take up valuable time and attention during a lesson. This leaves teachers free to do what they do best: focus on teaching their students.  As an added convenience, families with more than one child can often schedule different lessons at the same time.

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Option to learn from other teachers

Many musicians wished they had this option. In public schools, students often have several teachers to learn from. Having different teachers often provides new motivation, a new perspective on material, perhaps a new angle that otherwise may be unknown.  At our schools, we offer a variety of teachers to choose from and free masterclasses with other teachers for extra input to help students acquire the skills they need to enjoy music for a lifetime.

What are students and parents saying?
Find out here: testimonials.

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Saving Time

Receiving the right instruction the first time

Taking 4 years to accomplish what could be done in 2 results in spending twice the amount needed for lessons. Over the past 20 years, our experience has often been that students who came to us after having studied elsewhere had learned in 4 years what they could have learned in 2 or 3. This is unfortunate and when it occurs, it is inevitable that students have to re-learn basic fundamentals. Having to go back to undo certain habits can often diminish the joy of playing and slow up progress, all the while more has to be spent on lessons. 

A year of good quality lessons is far better than 3 without.  You will actually spend less and acquire more of what is needed to enjoy music for years to come.

Public and private school music teachers recommend our schools because they agree with our philosophy and understand the tremendous value of our private lessons.

“I highly recommend Avon School of Music and Strongsville Academy of Music’s outstanding staff and commend their willingness to work closely with school band and orchestra directors.”

- Doug Day, retired Bay Village orchestra and band director

Call (440) 572-9000 and see why more students in Strongsville, North Royalton, Berea, Middleburg Heights, Brunswick, Medina, Columbia Station, and other suburbs of Cleveland trust us for music lessons over any other music studio.

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