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Students of
Ms. Courtney in flute,
Ms. Wendy in piano,
Mr. Yuhang in piano,
Ms. Paulina in voice
accepted to study music at Cleveland State University, Baldwin Wallace University, Capitol University, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and Berklee School of Music.

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Over 5000 students since 2004

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Oberlin Conservatory of Music

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November 23, 2020

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Our World-Record Setting Violin Teacher,
Mercedes Cheung

Learn the secrets of Ms. Mercedes to overcome the most difficult music of the violin just as she did by setting a world record at age 10 by recording and performing the most difficult violin music and is now accepting students of all levels, beginning to advanced.
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Award-winning singer and actress Paulina Yeung teaches voice to all ages from 6 and up! Watch:

Take lessons with Mr. Yuhang.  His students have been accepted to The Julliard School, Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and Bard College Conservatory of Music.  Watch him here:

"Learning the piano is easy!"
- Ms. Wendy, piano instructor
BM, MM from CIM

For all new violin students, free CD from our friend, superstar violinist Joshua Bell

"Let me tell you - she is fantastic! I cannot believe how much our daughter has learned in 3 lessons!" - Andreas Liauw (more here)

Award-winning School of Music.  If you're looking for music lessons in Northeast Ohio, then you have come to the right place.  Since 2004, the School of Music has taught over 5,000 music students from preschool through adult.  Some have won scholarships for college, others started a career in music, but most importantly they have discovered the love, creativity, beauty, and wonder that only music can inspire.

Teaching Piano, Guitar, Singing, Violin, Flute, Drums, Ukulele, Trumpet, Brass, and More.  With a large variety of instruments to choose from, students can learn the instrument or voice they so desire.

University-trained Teachers. We have a highly qualified faculty of over 35 teachers from the U.S.A. and other parts of the world who have earned bachelors, masters, and other postgraduate degrees. They provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to enjoy music for a lifetime.  Not everyone starts a career, but everyone receives all they need to pursue one if they like.  Above all, the most important goal for everyone is to enjoy making music.

Save Time with Our Matching Students and Teachers. With many teachers on staff, we are able to match students with a highly qualified teacher that works best with their particular age, ability, personality, and interest. Then, feel free to take an introductory lesson first before enrolling.

All Ages and Skill Levels.  For preschool and elementary ages, our learning system provides the foundation each child needs to succeed.  From preschool to adults, we teach beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels making learning both fun and rewarding.

Saving Time for Family and Friends.  We have music lessons at a variety of times so families can book lessons for different children at the same time to save you hours of driving and waiting time.  With 3 locations to choose from, we are just minutes away.

Catering to the Individual Needs of Students.  Our teachers are friendly and work with each student (or parent) to create a lesson plan that fits their unique needs and favorite music.  They understand the needs of new students as well as advanced and adapt to their way of learning.  Parents are also welcome to attend lessons, especially for those with young children.

Rewards!  We provide these to students for a job well done and reaching milestones.  These rewards encourage our students but the most important reward is found in the joy of playing or singing music.

One-on-one Lessons.  Students have the undivided attention of their teacher in order to make their best progress.

Outdoor Recitals and Other Performing Opportunities.  When the weather is nice, we make music outside with our fun outdoor recitals.  We offer indoor recitals as well.  These are free, enjoyable low pressure events that students can participate in if they wish.  They provide motivational, tangible goals in addition to lessons.

In-Person or Virtual or Both.  Students can choose from in-person or virtual lessons or a combination.  Our remote program is developed with some preferring virtual over private.  Students can try one lesson in-person or virtually before committing to monthly lessons.

Providing From the Start What Many Learn In College.  Even our young beginners are learning what students often only learn in college.  With our Foundation, students progress fast and enjoy music more.

Directed by Professional Board of Musicians.  To ensure proper learning, the School of Music is run by more than one individual.  Since 2004, the school has been run by a board of musicians to ensure the quality of teaching of each instrument so students progress at their best and enjoy music.

Public School Recommended.  “I highly recommend The School of Music's outstanding staff..." - Director Doug Day, Bay Village (more testimonials). 

All-day Personal Assistance.  From 10 am until 8 pm, weekdays, 9 am until 3 pm, Saturdays, we have staff ready to help with any questions.

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How to Start Right and Avoid Future Struggles

We love teaching beginners.  Why?  From our experience, over 85% of music students who come to us are missing fundamentals and struggling.  They are often not enjoying music.  When this happens, bad habits need to be broken all the while establishing new ones.

How can this be avoided?  Begin learning with the right instruction and foundation.  If there are cracks in the foundation of a house, problems will eventually show in the future.  At our School, we ensure that all students receive the right instruction from the start so they can truly progress well and enjoy making music for years to come.  Learn in 2 years what many students take to learn in 4 or never at all.

International Standards that Produce Results and Accelerated Progress

Our students progress well because our standards of music instruction come from some of the most prestigious universities and conservatories of music in the world. Our experience has been that without this approach, students often struggle, and our goal is to spare them. At the School of Music, each student receives this instruction in a fun environment, learning at his or her own pace. Several skills of professional performers can be taught in the first one or two years of lessons, a critical time in the life of a student.

Whether learning piano, voice, guitar, violin, etc., our teachers do not take a one-size-fits all approach and are very experienced at providing new and advanced students the skills they need for continuing progress, from preschool through adult. We have had students who have gone on to pursue careers in music, earn scholarships for college, but most importantly, they have discovered music's ability to stir their hearts, and have developed an appreciation for the love, creativity, beauty, and wonder that only music can inspire.

Personality Match

Learning music also requires a good teacher-student relationship.  Our teachers are carefully selected for the ability of working well with children, being a good role model, and understanding how they think.  This, too, helps give them the best experience they can have in learning music.

If you have been playing for a while and are having difficulties, we specialize in helping students succeed. Click here for more information.

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Strongsville Academy of Music provides outstanding music lessons for all popular instruments and voice, serving the surrounding suburbs of Strongsville, North Royalton, Berea, Olmsted Falls, Columbia Station, Brunswick, Medina, Middleburg Heights, Ohio.


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